Treasurer - Mike



The Role and Responsibilities of the Treasurer


The Treasurer ASADA is primarily responsible for the holding and accounting for the funds

of the Association.


His specific duties include the following: -

  • The receipt of registration fees from member Clubs at home and abroad together with any income accruing to the Association.
  • The disbursement of funds as directed by the Chairman and Executive Committee.
  • The maintenance of an Army Book 397 in accordance with the Service Funds regulations and the operation of Bank Accounts as required.
  • The provision annually of an Army Form N1514 together with all supporting ledgers, statements and vouchers to enable the accounts to be audited.
  • The provision of advice to member Clubs on sources of funds, methods of application for major and minor grants from the Nuffield Trust.
  • The provision of advice to Clubs on the funding of expeditions.
  • Control of stock, including ties, plaques, statues, etc.
  • Maintenance of the ASADA equipment account.
  • Produce a statement of income and expenditure for each Executive Committee meeting and the Annual General Meeting.
  • In conjunction with the Regional Focus representatives, produce a combined list of all registered ASADA Clubs.

He / she is to be a member of the ASADA Executive Committee and is to attend the AGM and all other ASADA Committee meetings. 

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