The Training Page (or how to become a diver!)

Diver Training within the Armed Services is based on the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) training scheme. If you have already received training or qualifications from any other training agencies like PADI or SSI then there are also ways of converting your previous qualifications across to BSAC qualifications.
More details of the BSAC training scheme is detailed at their website

There are many ways to become a diver whilst in the serving in the Army it all depends on what approach suits you.

There are several service training establishments, the two main UK ones are:

Joint Service Sub-Aqua Diving Centre (JSSADC, Fort Bovisands, Plymouth).

The JSSADC runs Sub-Aqua and associated courses in support of the Joint Services Adventurous Training Scheme. They run diver training courses from the entry level, no previous experience needed, Ocean Diver Course (OD), all the way through to the more demanding Advanced Diver (AD) course. Although the Ocean Diver courses are heavily subscribed they are well worth the perseverance. Application forms can be found in JSP419 (The Armed Forces Adventure Training Manual.) and normally through your unit Gym or Training Wing. More details can be found at the JSSADC website or by calling the courses clerk on 01752 405573.

The Army Sub-Aqua Diving Centre (ASADC), Bovington, Dorset (94374 3026)

In a similar set up to JSSADC, ASADC provides entry level training with the Ocean Diver course. The Theory and Pool work are carried out on Bovington Camp and the diving takes place on the south coast. As the centre is not open to the other two services you normally stand a better chance of getting on to a course here than at JSSADC. For further details see x or contact x on phone number

The Ocean Diver course at either of these two centres takes one week to complete although, as mentioned, places are at a premium, do not despair however, hope is not lost……. If you cannot get a place at a Dive Centre there are other options…….

Army Diving Club

Join an Army Diving Club; many of the Garrisons in the UK and overseas and some individual units have dive clubs. Training from basic level Ocean Diver through to Advanced Diver is usually possible through membership of these clubs. The details are usually held by Unit PT staff or listed on welfare web sites or in Garrison/Unit magazines. Training will take a little longer than the week on a course at a service dive centre but units also plan and carry out many expeditions to destinations throughout the world every year. Each of these clubs is required to be a member of ASADA and the current list of active clubs can be found on the ASADA web site

At a Joint or Tri service establishment. The other two services each has its own sub-aqua association and has very active dive clubs. The details for these are usually held by unit Ped Staffs.

If all else fails and you cannot contain your desire to get wet then you can join a civilian branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club. More details can be found at the BSAC web site at

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