Ted May

The Peter Omerod Trophy was presented to Ted May's son in light of all the hard work that Ted May put into ASADA and Sub-Aqua in general. Regrettably Ted lost his fight with cancer last year and will be sorely missed by all of us. Ted was a stalwart of Army Sub-Aqua and filled a number of posts in the ASADA Committee. As the Training Officer of ASADA he ran the Advanced Instructors Course the now Chairman attended and also played a large part in training the Diving Officer. He has either directly or indirectly trained a host of other Army Divers and supported numerous expeditions. Ted came from an era when AT was available to all and provided the rush of adrenalin we all needed when the main threat was from the Eastern Bloc and the Ops tempo was slightly less challenging and more sympathetic to AT! Ted maintained his currency though, he was well aware of the increased part “Health and Safety” was playing in recreational sub-aqua through his work with IDEST. He remained engaged with Army sub-aqua after retirement as a SADS and the Diving Officer of SB 651 and he continued to offer sage advice until the end. The presentation of the Omerod Trophy to Ted May is a fitting tribute to a man that gave so much to all of us in Army Sub-Aqua over the many years.