This is the Technical Officers page where you can find details of the courses available and qualifications needed and the equipment that's available  

I am often asked “what does the Technical Officer actually do” well the main part of the job is to keep the chairman up to date with all aspects of Technical Diving including both the BSAC and other Technical Agencies such as IANTD & TDI. I also look after the Technical equipment that was recovered from the Pheasant Expedition.  We currently hold three complete sets of technical equipment; 3 x twin sets with manifolds, 12L 300bar, 6 x 10L 232 Nitrox stage cylinders, 3 x OMS double bladder wings (100lbs lift) 6 x Poseidon Jet stream, 6 x Poseidon Cyclone regulars and a O2/He analyzer all of which can now be hired through ASADA at a small charge. Anyone wishing to do so should contact me on mil: 94771 4534. Proof of qualifications will be required.

You may also be asking what my qualifications are. I’m a BSAC Advanced Instructor, TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer, Advanced Gas Blender Instructor Trainer & SADS and the list goes on but I will not bore you with the details. As some of you my be aware that ASADA last year ran a BSAC ER course at Bovisand and one this year at Bovington. I would also like to invite the clubs to organize some technical events for 2006 to gain technical qualification both with the BSAC & TDI, there will be a small cost dependent on numbers.

If you or your club are interested in running a course, require further information on Technical courses contact Dave on 94771 4534 or I can be contacted via email.