Secretary - Louise Stewart

The Role and Responsibilities of the Secretary ASADA

The Secretary ASADA is primarily responsible for communication within the organisation. He is concerned with convening of meetings, of both the Executive and General Committees, the production of agenda and minutes. He is also responsible for the dissemination of information throughout the organisation and recruitment of additional overseas instructor's assistance as required.

His / her specific duties include the following: -

  • Convening and conduct of both Executive and General Committee Meetings.
  • Production and distribution of agenda and minutes for all such meetings.
  • Maintenance of distribution lists.
  • Liaison with RMAS.
  • Arrange the Joint Services Meeting when the Army is to host.
  • Arrange the AGM.

He / she is to be a member of the ASADA Executive Committee and is to attend the AGM and all other ASADA Committee meetings.

Louise's Profile

Louise Stewart