President - Lt Col (Retd) S M (Steve) Anderson RE

Steve the ASADA President


The Role and Responsibilities of the President ASADA

The President is the titular head of the Association and as such presides at the ASADA Annual Meeting. He also makes presentations of awards, such as the Ormerod Trophy, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee. It is also his task to open and close formally the Annual Joint Service Diving Conference when it is the Army’s turn to host the event

His most important function is the appointment of Chairmen of ASADA following consultation with MOD (IPAT), ATG (A), the retiring Chairman, and other relevant authorities.

The President is responsible for giving advice and assistance to the Chairman as necessary and he may attend executive committee meetings although he does not have a vote on matters of association business.

The President is normally a senior officer, serving or retired, who is able and willing to lobby the powers that be on any issues of vital concern to the association’s interests. Ideally he would have experience as a sub-aqua diver or at least a strong interest in the sport.

President:  Lt Col (Retd) S M (Steve) Anderson RE

Steve started diving in 1977 as a RE basic compressed air diver (BCAD) and in 1982 joined the Chepstow Special Branch BSAC. He gained his SADS qualification in 1984 and BSAC Advanced Instructor qualification in 1988. He has logged over 1000 dives and has run numerous sub-aqua expeditions in UK and abroad.
Steve has served on the ASADA committee in numerous appointments since 1984 when he was appointed ASADA UKLF Exepeditions Officer. He then progressed through the appointments of Diving Officer, Secretary and Chairman ASADA UKLF, Secretary ASADA and then from 1996 and 2000 as Chairman ASADA. During his tenure as Chairman ASADA he initiated and staffed the revised JS Diving Regulations (25 down to 5 pages). He was appointed Vice President ASADA in 2003 and shortly after his retirement from the Army in 2006 he was appointed President ASADA.
Steve is also the Chairman of the BSAC Special Branch No 651 (ASADA).