Guidance for Commanding Officers of units with Service Sub Aqua Clubs



The purpose of the DIN below is to inform Commanding Officers of their responsibilities for Sub Aqua Diving within their Units and to describe the supervisory and management structure available to advise and assist them in carrying out their duties



Guidance for Commanding Officers of Units with Service Sub Aqua Diving Clubs DIN



Air Purity Sample Cylinder



Defence Fuel Group (DFG) have introduced a "sample" cylinder for use by service Scuba Diving clubs and centres can utilise to collect breathing gas samples from their compressors. This sample can then be sent to DFG for analysis and a detailed report will then be forwarded to the originating unit. ASADA encourages all Dive clubs and centres to maximise this facility. Full details are in the Defence Information Notice below:



DFG- Sample Cylinder- DIN



DSO(AT) Inspection Update



Nick Harrington, the Diving Standards Officer (Adventure Training) (DSO(AT)) for the Superintendent of Diving (SofD), carries out an annual 20% inspection of all ASADA, RAFSA and RNRMSAA Clubs. The Secretary ASADA will liaise with clubs direct to confirm which dates are convenient for the visit. An inspection form is attached so clubs are aware of the areas that Nick will focus on . Nick's visit are all a part of service personnel being considered to be "at work" when diving in works time or with club equipment purchased with public/non-public funds. The purpose is to ensure that we have within the services a means ensuring that Registered Clubs have the necessary documentation, appropriately trained instructors and SADS and that we are in compliance with JS Regulations. Although they will be slightly onerous they are a necessary requirement for us to continue to run sub-aqua AT in Clubs within units and are unavoidable. I am sure that Nick will approach the initial visits as educational rather than an inspection that can be passed or failed.  Please review the attached inspection form and stand by to be contacted by the Secretary to discuss dates.






DSO(AT) Branch Inspection Form - Click Here word






DSO (AT) ToR - Click Here pdfdoc 98 KB










Diving Stats


Clubs are also reminded that diving stats need to be with DO ASADA by mid-October each year . The DO will then consolidate them and submit the return to the DSO. This will be an annual return running Oct-Oct each year . The return is not to include dives conducted during expeds. These will be submitted separately through DISTRICT G3 PATs. The Statistics spread sheet should be attached to each exped PXR to ease G3 PATs in the compilation of the stats. The return is attached.






AT Data Stats - Associations - Click Here word