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Prior to the current air sampling bottle being provided through the stores system some Case Chemicals sampling bottles were procured for the AT community. I understand that these should have all been withdrawn/replaced some time ago but just in case!

Click for BA Sampling Guidance
Click for CASE Sample Cylinder Document

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INM's Diving Incident Telephone Advice Line

The Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Division provide a round the clock telephone advice service to support military work diving and military adventurous training diving throughout the world.

Advice on the management of diving incidents, including first aid, evacuation, medical assessment and referral for recompression therapy is also offered to British civilian divers, dive supervisors, doctors and the emergency services.

The Royal Navy ‘Duty Diving Medical Officer (DDMO)’ can be contacted by mobile phone on 07831 151523 (International: +44 7831 151523).

If the DDMO is engaged, on another call, or attending another patient, a voice message can be left so the DDMO can call back. If there is any difficulty making contact, or there appears to be undue delay, the Institute of Naval Medicine Main Gate (Telephone 02392 768020, International +44 2392 768020) has alternative means of making contact.

Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Division - Visit their website.

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