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DAN diver insurance no longer required for Gibraltar Dive Expeds - announced April 2012.

No official letter has been received, however all Joint Service Adventurous Training Senior Posts have been informed by e-mail that St Bernards will now cover recompression treatment for JS Dive expeds including TA. ATG (A) and Division G7 PAT have been notified. If any further clarification is required approach your AT authority.







"Five Bells" Job Done “Five Bells” Job Done – A Diver’s Story by Tony Liddicoat

A Diver's Story by Tony Liddicoat. A personnel account of his 50 year diving career. During that period Tony made a significant contribution to sub-aqua diving.


ASADA Instructor Development Opportunities

We need more instructors, but to deliver more instructors we also need more Instructor Trainers click here
 for more details. We are organising IFC, TIE, PIE, OWIC and Instructor Trainers courses for you.

The DO can also be contacted via email for more details.

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