ASADA Special Branch SB651 now has over 300 members worldwide. We are the BSAC's 2nd largest Branch... second only to BSAC Direct. It's a great way to keep in touch with the Army Diving Community wherever you are in the world. We welcome Serving military personnel, both Regular and Reservist. Dependents may also join ASADA. Serving members with life-changing injuries can also join and are now able to participate in a wide range of Service Sub Aqua Diving Activities. SB651 also has an active Diver and Instructor training programme at discounted prices that is only open to SB651 members...

Sound's Good? .......Here's the best bit:

We are approx £10 cheaper per year compared to joining BSAC Direct!

All instructions and forms needed to join are posted below:


Please note new DD applications can take BSAC up to six weeks to process. OC Expeds are encouraged to process BSAC applications up to 8 weeks in advance to ensure membership cards are issued in a timely fashion. In exceptional unforeseen circumstances whereby you require a quicker turnaround you will need to contact the Membership Secretary directly to request that BSAC issue a membership confirmation e-mail. You are strongly encouraged to not use the internal mail system; there have been many instances where additional delays of up to 8 weeks have been incurred between mailing and receiving paperwork. Do not contact BSAC directly, use your Membership Secretary to resolve any issues.

Club Registration

LAND Command Standing Order 1501 mandates that all Army sub-aqua diving clubs are required, in accordance with JSSADR, to register with ASADA by 1 Apr each year. E-mail the Registration Officer to resolve any issues.

ASADA Registration Instructions for ARMY Sport Diving clubs.Click Here word

Individual Membership

New membership paperwork

BSAC / ASADA SB651 Branch Individual Joining Instruction- Read first

Encl 1 BSAC Membership Rates - Click Here

Encl 2 BSAC Membership Form - Click Here

Encl 3 ASADA SB651 Registration Form - Click Here

Encl 4 BSAC Direct Debit Form - Click Here