Medical Officer - Mark


ASADA Medical Officer






The Role and Responsibilities of the Medical Officer

The Medical Officer ASADA is responsible for providing medical advice on dive related matters to the Committee. His specific areas of responsibility include the following:

·        Provide advice on dive related medical matters.

·        Liaise with INM and Surgeon General over services recreational diving related medical issues.

·        Review HSE policy and make recommendations on the incorporation into JS Regulations.

·        Review Army diving incidents for medical comment and make recommendations for future better handling or reducing risk as appropriate.

He / she is to be a member of the ASADA Executive Committee and is to attend the AGM and all other ASADA Committee meetings. 


Mark’s Profile

Mark is 36 and has been diving since he was 12 years old. A BSAC Advanced Instructor and PADI Dive Master, he currently runs the training at Gibraltar Barracks Sub-Aqua Club. He also heads the Army Medical Services Diving Association, which is in its infancy.


He has logged 1100 dives and been a SADS since 1992. Having dived all over the world, he has had numerous close encounters with sharks, including Great Whites off Dyer Island (South Africa) and Tiger Sharks in the Pacific. He specialises in filming his experiences and has a catalogue of expedition DVDs to his credit. As a doctor, Mark is trained in diving medicine and is currently training as a Surgeon in Burns & Plastics in Bristol.