JSSADC Rep - Cliff



The ASADA JSSADC Representative is primarily responsible for keeping the ASADA Committee and ASADA Clubs informed of events at JSSADC Fort Bovisand and policy changes initiated by OIC JSSADC or which as a member of the JSSADC Staff he has become aware of that may effect Army Sub-Aqua Diving. He / she is to be a member of the ASADA Committee but is not on the Executive Committee.
He is to attend the AGM and when possible all other ASADA Committee Meetings. 

Cliff’s Profile

Cliff started diving in 1992. Amongst his many other diving qualifications he is a BSAC National Instructor (2010) and Joint Service Sub Aqua Diving Supervisor (1999).

He loves teaching diving at all levels and has worked at Joint Service Diving Centres for over 6 years (whilst serving); CJSATC in 1997 (for 6 months), at CJSATC again as the CI in 2001 – 2004 and has worked at JSSADC since 2007. He was appointed CI (of JSSADC) earlier this year (2010).

He is always on the lookout for OWI’s (to increase numbers on JSSADC courses) and rescue divers (at sport diver level or above).

Contact 01752 405573 or via jssadc@asada.org.uk