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The ASADA Journal Editor's role is to produce the annual ASADA Journal written primarily by volunteer contributers just like you! It then becomes his task to put together a useful and resourceful journal which can then be electronically distributed throughout the Army Sport Diving Community.



If you are reading this, then maybe you could contribute towards the next ASADA journal:

Have you ever written or fancied writing an interesting article?

What about reviewing a piece of kit ...... be it your favourite Gucci item in your dive bag, or even that damned E-bay Albatross shaped SMB that looked funny at the time!

Have you been diving recently in a great world class location? or.....have you ever used a dive company that is more chip-shop than Harry Ramsden's and you just want to warn your fellow community?

What about any gripe's and winges? (remember it is an NCO's right!)

We haven't even mentioned Ratchet-Reels and Spools yet........ so come on....send in those articles, features or reviews....... It could just make you famous!.

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Guy's profile

Guy first started diving in 1983 and has conducted well over 1,000 dives. He is a BSAC Advanced Instructor, Sub Aqua Diving Supervisor (SADS), SDI Instructor and TDI Extended Range and Cave Instructor; in addition Guy is a National Speleological Society (Cave Diving Section) Full Cave Diver. His interest in cave diving started in 1996 after completing an IANTD overhead environment course at Holme Bank in Bakewell. His passion for cave diving has continued to grow and he qualified as a cave diving instructor with TDI in 2004 with Michal Piskula in the Czech Republic and Hungary and he now instructs cavern and cave diving with DeepTech.

Guy was the Exped Leader on the Joint Services Trimix Expedition to dive HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse in 2002 which was televised by the BBC. He was also the Dive Supervisor on the Joint Services New Millennium Expedition to Belize and supervised dives at altitude in the upper reaches of the Raspacula River. This also appeared on TV.

Guy has written for a number of diving magazines including Dive, Beyond the Blue and Scuba World. He has had a number of underwater photographs published and has been runner up in the BSAC travel competition twice.  His favourite shots appear in Rod Macdonald’s book “Into the Abyss; including the cover photograph.

ROD MACDONALD - Into The AbyssCover photograph by Guy Wallis