Diving Officer - Mick

Diving Officer

The Role and Responsibilities of the Diving Officer ASADA

The Diving Officer ASADA is responsible for ensuring that diving is conducted in accordance with Joint Services Regulations (JSSADR) and BSAC Safe Diving Practices.

His specific areas of responsibility include the following: -

  • Ensure diving in Army clubs, branches and units is conducted safely and in accordance with the aims of Service AT.
  • Periodically review Joint Services Regulations and act as the focal point for proposed changes from ASADA clubs.
  • Staff proposed changes through the Chairman and the ASADA Committee.
  • Advise the Executive Committee and ASADA Registered Clubs of any forthcoming changes to Joint Services Regulations.

He / she is to be a member of the ASADA Executive Committee and is to attend the AGM and all other ASADA Committee meetings.   

Mick's Profile

Mick has been diving since 1997.  He has been a member of the ASADA committee since 2005, as Equipment Officer, Training Officer and now Diving Officer. Mick is a professionally qualified Military diver, SADS, BSAC Instructor Trainer, PADI MSDT and equipment technician. He is heavily involved in his own dive club, Royal Engineer Sport Diving Association (RESDA) and dives regularly throughout the UK and overseas when weather and work permits.

“As ASADA Diving Officer it is vital that we communicate with each other and present one voice where there is concern.  Army divers play a key part in UK Sub Aqua but we are not always the best at selling ourselves.  My role is to support clubs, fight your corner where necessary, and promote our business.  In order to do so I need to know who is out there and how much diving is being conducted.”

His message is clear.  Get involved with your club, go diving, dive safely and within the rules.