Chairman - Greg

 ASADA Vice Chairman


The Role and Responsibilities of the Chairman ASADA

The Chairman of ASADA is the functional controller of the organisation worldwide. He is answerable to MOD(IPAT) and to the President of the Association for the safe conduct of sport diving in the Army.

His specific duties include the following: -

  • The formulation of policy regarding all aspects of sport diving in the Army with special emphasis on safety.
  • Liaison with BSAC including attendance at meetings of the NDC in rotation with other Joint Services Chairman.
  • Liaison with the Chairman of the other Service Sub-Aqua Association's and attendance at the Joint Chairman's Meetings.
  • Liaison with SOD(N) and SOD(A).
  • Taking the Chair at meetings of the ASADA Executive Committee.
  • Taking the Chair at the ASADA Annual Meeting.
  • The provision of advice and guidance to local ASADA Focus, both in the UK and overseas.
  • Providing expert advice at Boards of Enquiry into diving accidents.
  • Liaison visits to overseas commands as authorised by MOD.
  • Briefing the President on matters requiring his attention.

The Chairman may delegate any of the above responsibilities to the Vice Chairman or other nominated member of the Executive Committee at his discretion.

He / she is to be a member of the ASADA Executive Committee and is to attend the AGM and all other ASADA Committee meetings.

Greg's Profile

Greg started to dive in 1994 and since then he has led several expeditions to the Red Sea, Philippines, Truk Lagoon, Sipadan, UK, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Mexico and Tenerife.  He was the BSAC Military Branch Chairman in Hong Kong, along with the Assistant Expedition Leader of the Joint Services HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse expedition in Sep 01. Greg has also worked on a part time basis for CDC Dive In, Gildenburgh and IDC 5 * Centre ANDARK DIVING, Southampton.