BFG Focus


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The ASADA BFG Representative is primarily responsible for promoting diving within BFG in accordance with BSAC Safe Diving and JSSADR.
 He / she is to represent the view, wishes and requirements of the regional Sub-Aqua Clubs and individuals to the ASADA Executive Committee. Where possible he / she should be a SADS and ideally a NQI, and in current diving practice.

Detailed responsibilities / tasks include:

  • Establish liaison with the SO2s G7 PAT and with HQ ATG(G)
  • Establish liaison with the military dive clubs within BFG and help them grow
  • Provide advice to new clubs in the process of forming and registering
  • Advise Exped Leaders on exped planning, including what not to do and where to apply for funding
  • Maintain an up to date contact list of Clubs, Instructors and SADS in their area

He / she is to be a member of the ASADA Committee but is not on the Executive Committee. He is to attend the AGM and when possible all other ASADA Committee Meetings.

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