Best Expedition Photo or Video


The "ASADA Best Expedition Photograph or Video Award" is presented annually to the Army diver assessed by the ASADA committee to have taken the best photograph or Video during a recognised adventure training expedition. Photographs can be submitted either digitally (preferred) or in hard copy. Video would be preferred in digital format.

Nomination are to be sent to the Expedition Officer -


ASADA Registered Clubs and Army/JS Expeditions are encouraged to submit nominations by September of each year and the Awards will be made at the ASADA AGM.




Army Sub-Aqua Diving Association (ASADA) Best Expedition Photo for 2007


ASADA 2007 Best Expedition Photo

The location was Gifton Island on the first dive of the day.

The camera Equipment was a Cannon C990z. Delta 490 with a strobe attached

The picture was taken 6 Sep 07.


2nd Place


ASADA 2007 2nd Place Best Expedition Photo


3rd Place


ASADA 2007 3rd Place Best Expedition Photo



Exercise Jurassic Shark by Maj Mark Foster

Army Sub-Aqua Diving Association (ASADA) best expedition

video 2006

Email Mark :

Video Clip to followMaj Mark Foster best video award for 2006



Cocos Island - Costa Rica



July 2006


Video Camera & Housing:

SONY HDR-FX1 (high-definition) in a Light and Motion housing with two Kowalski 24W Xenon Video lamps.



Major Mark Foster
Expedition Doctor

Major Mark Foster is 37 and has been diving since he was 12 years old. A BSAC Advanced Instructor and PADI Dive Master, he currently runs the training at Gibraltar Barracks Sub-Aqua Club. He also heads the Army Medical Services Diving Association, which is in its infancy. He has logged 1100 dives and been a SADS since 1992. Having dived all over the world, he has had numerous close encounters with sharks, including Great Whites off Dyer Island (South Africa) and Tiger Sharks in the Pacific. He specialises in filming his experiences and has a catalogue of expedition DVDs to his credit. As a doctor, Mark is trained in diving medicine.


Anemone fish by DavidAnemone fish by David Winner: Army Sub-aqua Diving Association (ASADA) best expedition photograph 2005

Army Sub-Aqua Diving Association (ASADA) best expedition

photograph 2005



Northern Red Sea



August 2005



Sea & Sea Motormarine II EX with 20mm wide lens. Fuji 200 ASA

standard print film scanned to digital. Despeckle and hue enhancement in

Photoshop CS.



This opportunity picture was taken during a Dive Leader assessment dive, in what David described as 'a bit of a current' during 'Exercise DEEP BLUE 5'. The exercise was a two week expedition to the Red Sea for 22 young Officer Cadets from the Cambridge University Officers Training Corps (UOTC), in August 2005. There are 19 UOTCs in the UK. They are established to communicate the values and ethos of the British Army to selected undergraduates. Adventurous Training activities such as diving are an important part of the opportunities on offer to Officer Cadets in developing their leadership skills and self-reliance.




David is a BSAC Advanced Instructor, First Class Diver and PADI Divemaster. Serving as a reserve army officer, he is also a Joint Services Sub Aqua Diving Supervisor (SADS). All sport diving in the military must be overseen by a SADS, a supplementary advanced qualification designed to ensure safe planning and conduct.