Best Expedition Report

The "ASADA Best Expedition Report Award" is presented annually to the Expedition Leader assessed by the ASADA committee to have produced the best report following a recognised adventure training expedition. Weight will be attached to truly expeditionary trips and content which actually reflects the problems overcome enabling other expeditions to follow in their path. The report may be supported with photographs but presentation will not win out over content.

Nominations are to be sent to the Expedition Officer.


ASADA Registered Clubs and Army/JS Expeditions are encouraged to submit nominations by September of each year and the Awards will be made at the ASADA AGM. Reports can be submitted either electronically (preferred) or in hard copy.




2007 Winner

Andy Andrews

Click HERE to view a PDF version of Andy Andrew's PXR Acrobat Icon


ASADA 2007 Best PXR





2006 Winner

Exercise Jurassic Shark 2006 Acrobat Icon (4.38mb) By Maj Andy Reid


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Maj Andy Reid best PXR for 2006 award


Major Andy Reid FRGS
Expedition Leader - Jurassic Shark

Major Andy Reid is 40 years old and has been diving since 1984. He is a British Sub-Aqua Club (
BSAC) First Class Diver, BSAC Advanced Instructor and Joint Services Sub-Aqua Diving Supervisor (SADS) with almost 1200 logged dives. A qualified Biology teacher; he has a degree in Zoology and has participated on 4 ‘Raleigh International’ expeditions as a diving instructor/marine biologist. He has led two previous Joint Services expeditions to Bikini Atoll (Marshall Islands) and St Paul Island (Nova Scotia) – both of which won the BSAC Expedition of the Year Award. Major Reid is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and currently works as the Chief Instructor ASLS at HQ ATRA, Upavon.