About us

Our Mission

To promote sub-aqua diving as an adventure training activity within the Armed Forces.


ASADA represent the sub-aqua dive clubs within the army and provides subject matter expertise to the chain of command. In addition ASADA communicates Joint Services and Army specific safety and policy matters to the clubs and are responsible for ensuring that Army Sub-Aqua Diving Clubs are compliant with Joint Services Sub-Aqua Diving Regulations and the guidelines set out by the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) as the National Governing Body in the UK. ASADA do this through the ASADA committee and a list of the jobs specifications for each of the individuals on the committee can be found under the committee page.

The ASADA committee is made up of volunteers who take on these tasks as secondary duties (above their daily work load), often giving up much of their spare time to ensure the delivery of sub-aqua adventure training to serving soldiers, members of the Territorial Army, University Officer Training Corps and Army Cadets. Registered clubs pay a small annual contribution to register and assist with administrative costs. These costs are kept to a minimum and the committee frequently pay for and distribute BSAC training pamphlets and diving safety equipment to registered clubs.

Those wishing to know more should check out the website and if there is more they need to know are free to contact the relevant member of the committee