Army Sub Aqua Diving Association

Promoting Sub-Aqua in the Army

Representing Army sub-aqua clubs and divers by providing subject matter expertise. ASADA informs the chain of command helps to shape recreational diving policy and aims to communicate effectively with Army divers. The committee is made up purely of volunteers with a passion for the sport.
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ASADA would like to remind all Army sub-aqua clubs that they are required to register with ASADA by the 1st April each year in accordance with JSP917. Click here for Branch Registration Instructions

Policy Updates
Annual Awards

Army Sub-Aqua Diving Association (ASADA) Best Expedition Photo for 2007

ASADA Registered Clubs and Army/JS Expeditions are encouraged to submit nominations by September of each year and the Awards will be made at the ASADA AGM. Reports can be submitted either electronically (preferred) or in hard copy.

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ASADA LogbookArmy Sport Diving Logbook

The Army Sport Diving Logbook allows you to record 500 dives with plenty of information.  Space for qualifications, expeditions and a personal weights page. Registered